Song: The Veldt (Project 46 Happy Technology Pancake)

Artist: Deadmau5

Before I begin my review, I just want to say how hilarious it is to find remixes once in a while with the most outrageous names (Exhibit A: Project 46 happy Technology PANCAKE). Anyways, Project 46 does an amazing job remixing Deadmau5’s recent hit, The Veldt. The Veldt by itself is already something to be loved, with its chill chord progressions and soft, thumping basslines that made Deadmau5 into a world-famous figure in EDM. Project 46 builds upon this by speeding it up , adding in a stronger bassline, and placing a very progressive house-esque drop, one that’s very understated yet very noticeable (once placed alongside the original mix). In my opinion, this song has potential to become a great summer anthem, perfect for the festivals and for the road trips with the friends. Enjoy.

Song: True Faith (Starkillers Remix)

Artist: Serge Devant

I’ve gotten interested in Starkillers ever since their song Pressure was remixed by Alesso. The reason of interest: their name was pretty cool. They haven’t really been one of the most impressive electro groups out there but this release changed my opinion on them. Even as I speak, I’ve begun exploring their previous releases seeing if they have any other gems just waiting to be found, polished, and displayed. In this remix, Starkillers have paired great vocals with a great melody and drop. The drop is quite something with its raspy synth alongside a pounding bassline and an occasional zip-like synth (which completely blows my mind away every single time I hear it). Listen and enjoy.

(Source: Spotify)

Song: Kontiki (Dyro Remix)

Artist: Hardwell & Dannic

Dyro has been on the rise in 2012, releasing powerful bangers and anthem-worthy songs left and right. One of his latest endeavors is the remixing of Kontiki, Hardwell and Dannic’s recent masterpiece with its simple yet enticing melody and its progressive nature (shown by its melodic supported drop). Dyro adds in a simple, yet well placed wobble at the end of Kontiki’s melody, a more electro-house feel to the song, and gives it some flair with his trademark rough motor/chainsaw style drop. Don’t let my review determine whether or not this is a song of your preference; press play and decide for yourself! Enjoy

(Source: Spotify)

Song: Chasing Summers (Original Mix)

Artist: Tiesto

This song was something I expected more out of a latin DJ like Tocadisco with a very bouncy feeling drop (despite its heaviness), but the nature of the song is very Tiesto-esque with its very melodic style coupled with a strong punch bassline. The drop may have a different feeling compared to typical Tiesto drops, but I assure you that the drop will not disappoint with its pure power and force. 

(Source: Spotify)

Song: That Miami Track (Original Mix)

Artist: Tocadisco & Julian Smith

Continuing with my recent phase of Tocadisco fever, I introduce you to another great (and quite recent) work of his. I’ve had this song for quite a while, but never really bothered to listen to it until a few weeks ago. The vocals may seem overpowering as they’re coupled with a very silent, understated background but the drop is massive, so massive that I’m able to easily overlook the overwhelming vocals because of the amazing drop. I don’t know how to put this into words, but the drop is just so simple, yet well made. Enough said, just press play and experience Tocadisco fever for yourself.

(Source: Spotify)

Song: Rose Rouge (Tocadisco Remix)

Artist: Analog People In A Digital World

Recently, I’ve become very interested in a lot of Tocadisco’s songs. This was a song I found a few days back. I’m not really too fond of latin EDM with their bouncy beats and such, but what Tocadisco does with his songs are amazing. Even though they may not have the bounce or whatnot, they do have that latin feel/element that just makes his songs so unique compared to Europe or USA. I must say, the tech house inspired drop is just too insane and to couple that with a sliding synth line soon after is pure genius. It amazes me how something so simple, so minimal has never been thought up. Enjoy.

(Source: Spotify)

Song: Hit Me With The Lights (Josef Bamba & Ianick Remix)

Artist: Doman & Gooding

I love the vocals to this song. Period. What I do not like is the original version of this song. Luckily the vocals didn’t go to waste as a remix was made. Josef Bamba & Ianick do a great job to support the vocals with an understated, but strong background beat and melody. Even though the song essentially has just one section repeating over and over again, skillful inserts of the vocals and of different beats/drums at the right times makes sure that the song never has a dull moment.

Song: Ray of Love (Denzal Park Remix)

Artist: Tune in Tokyo

A recent find of mine, this song is a great example of progressive house. Denzal Park works his magic by complementing the original vocals with an intense melodic drop right after it. What I like about this song is how Denzal Park, rather than completely changing the melodic motif of the song, modifies it to give it a more upbeat house kind of feeling. He also doesn’t overwhelm the vocals with the melody nor the drop; everything is balanced very well.

(Source: Spotify)

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